I've looked around for the next big thing, to simplify the coupling between the backend and the frontend, make it so much easier to keep building what your business is actually about and not repeating your self in boring backend routes, that need to talk with the frontend building those links are so repetitive and make it daunting to be a developer.

The reason I became a developer was to build great software and not spend time doing repetitive work. Every time I do things repetitive I usually write a program to simplify the task, but at this scale, I need to focus on my business.

Okay, okay.. "back to I was looking for" a great way to simplify the work, so I stumbled upon Feathers.js, and I'm intrigued. So I read some of the source code, there are put solid work into making this, I love when people put in the hours.


It took me about an hour to put up a single chat app, using the database I wanted (MongoDB/Mongoose)  and I needed to see a login work. Then the frontend I choose to go with angular v7 or whatever version we're in atm, I went with angular because it has substantial testing behind, and has a lot of cool features, and then I'm framework over libs for running an app core.

Anyhow it was easy to get started which more people should focus on when they build new frameworks/libs - the easy start makes it so much more tempting to use.

So this was my first look at Feathers.js, keep following my blog there will be more on the Feathers.js story.


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