I'm a 28 year old, Business owner, firefighter and soon to be husband to my one love Cathrine. I have been coding since i was 10 years old, and are still building stuff every day. I love going skiing, psst.. can't remember the last time i was out.

Favorit drink:
Old fashion, made with "Makers mark" or "Diplomatico"

Leadership, Business Development & Product Development are crucial to any company and is some of the skills I use every day.

Here to the more technical elaboration and where I have a strong technical knowledgeTechnologies I work with on day to day basis: NodeJS, Angular, Lodash/Underscore, Sass/Scss, Gulp, Html, ES6+, DynamoDB, AWS lambda, Elasticsearch, AWS EC2, Redis, Cloudformation & MongoDB.


Then I'm a no bullshit kinda leader, I don't wrap anything in you get it as is. The way I lead is with trust, I believe that the people I hire are the best people for the job and they can do better at what they do than I can. Moreover, I'm trying to remove all doubts from their mind to mine so they can do what they were hired to do and then I can do all the politics.

Fun fact:
My hair is long, but I actually can't stand when hair touches my face...

I am passionate about moving the web forward - I want to build web applications that run equally good on all devices and have all the information that it needs and cuts away the bullshit.

I have built REST API's, native desktop, multiple database integrations, A Custom CMS, Music web app, online learning platform and much much more.I devoted all my time to Javascript both as frontend and backend developer.

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Dragsbæk out!!