My framework is missing features

I believe most frameworks have some strengths and some weaknesses, so I thought I would make a wish list of what my favourite framework should be able to do.

Well i have been working with nearly any major web development frameworks/libraries that exists, Angular, AngularJS, VueJS, React, Svelte & Polymer.

I believe all of  the frameworks mentioned above have some strengths and some weaknesses, so i though i would love to make a wish list for what my favorit framework should be able to do.

I require my framework to be:

  • Simple to setup (Most frameworks take way to much time to get started with)
  • Structure where (logic, styling & markup) live together in a folder.
  • Support of my favorit languages like TS instead of JS and SCSS instead of CSS
  • Testing first out of the box (with speed in mind)
  • Support (HMR) - hot module replacement
  • Super fast compilation of the project (similar esbuild speeds)
  • Should be able generate a static site maybe even a good cross static/dynamic support
  • Built in router
  • Should have built in features for lazy loading of content elements like images and similar.
  • Tiny core project output (tree-shaking and similar features)
  • High performance output
  • Easy PWA integration
  • Fast to develop in!!

List is work in progress but a really good indication of what it should be...

It seems like most of my requirements are pretty common, but i don't believe any of the major frameworks out there has every requirement checked on the list.

What I think maybe frameworks focus on some of the features like, tiny output, high performance.

But what I believe is the biggest mistake every framework creator have missed to provide is super fast to develop in. By making it super fast to develop what you need, I think it could be a driver to help many startups, hobbyists and people who love making cool apps quickly.

There is so much overhead in building applications now days, and I think this is the one most overlooked feature in any framework.

Imagine if we started testing how fast people created content with our frameworks, I think that could provide a lot of value to the web community, and actually in any developer community if your building native apps, backend services, machine learning features an so forth.

I was walking around the city and stumbled upon a book that had must-visit places in the city. I randomly opened up to a page that highlighted the staircase at this library. I knew I had to visit.
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