Success is built from trust

Motivation is truly something I feel when multiple of these things exist in a job

Success is built from trust

My belief is

If there is trust between everyone in an organisation then success will flourish.

The reason I believe is that when trust is instilled between levels within an organisation, then motivation is the key driver. When people are motivated they provide more than they are asked, and they would do it without being told. The downsides are often that it might not be 100% aligned with your goals as a business. This is overcome by showing the way by making clear goals of what you're trying to achieve and letting your organisations understand and have that same goal.

But how to motivate your team

As written in many books like the book by Susan Fowler "Why Motivating People Doesn't Work . . ." these books and studies show that it is virtually impossible to motivate people because motivation is an internal personal force that cannot be instilled in others.

What I have learned from my fairly short journey of 10 years in business is that motivation is truly something I feel when multiple of these things exist in a job:

  • An environment where good relationships between co-workers are highly valued
  • When I can have an impact on decisions
  • When my meaning has value and is taken seriously
  • When I can see the work I'm doing is helping others
  • Where freedom under own responsibility is cherished
  • Where co-workers are just as passionate about what they do as I am.
  • Doing something I have but a passion for.

An important fact is that there is also a list of factors that can destroy motivation many of these is when the opposite of what I just stated above but I tried to consolidate a list that is not those factors:

  • If I have any type of conflict with a co-worker
  • If I'm working super hard to reach a goal put out and then that goals suddenly change right at the end.
  • When you need to prioritise work over any personal matter.

I started by stating that trust was a key factor and if you read through the two lists I created and add trust to your organisation in any of those cases then you can see all of them are "resolved".

So I believe that if the trust is a key driver in your organisation you will experience much more work getting done and a much better vibe when coming to work every day.

Adding trust to your organisation is hard, but it can only start from the top, this is the only way it can truly become a great workplace.

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