3 learnings in B2B

You don't know shit. You think you know everything about what your customers need...

3 learnings in B2B

This is my personal 3 learnings in B2B, like what did i get surprised by and what i thought i knew but didn't knew shit about.

Be aware of the standards

When selling anything to a company with over 500 employees they need to you to comply with the "standards" of your field, here is a list of all of them. So why is this something to take note of before you start a business, well you just need to know that to comply with these doesn't come easy. First, you need to learn what goes into "complying", then there is a back catalogue of documentation that needs to be in place. But then again any business is tough and require you to work hard and smart, so to come by this early stage.

We found out that many companies are willing to overlook compliance by selling them a pilot project, and then when you comply with the "standards" then you can roll it out.

You don't know shit

You think you know everything about what your customers need, many in business talks about this as the "product-market fit". So basically you're building your product to fit a group of people and, you think you comprehend what they need, but this is far from the case 99.9% of the time (i don't have a survey).

You need to go out and ally yourself with the first 1-30 customers and figure out what they liked and what you can improve you then do this over and over again until people can't buy anything but your product, I guess this it's the same for B2C, but I wouldn't know.

You need to get people on the phone

As Leonardo DiCaprio says in the famous movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", "PICK UP THE PHONE AND START DIALLING".

Fun fact the movie is based on a real story the guy they are referring to is actually called "Jordan Belfort".  You need to take what he says seriously, even though you hate to get rejected, you hate when people aren't nice to you.

Just pick up the phone and start dialling potential clients "Friday is the best day" so you still need to call all week, but if you have some hot leads and some cold leads then you need to call all the hot leads at the beginning of the week and all the cold at the end of the week. You will start to see a change in your business as soon as you're starting to do this. But be aware there will be rejections, "A LOT" of rejections so better get comfortable with it and just take it as motivation for calling another one.

To improve your calling skills, you could use google or you could learn by doing, the thing is when you call it's so much harder to throw you off than just not answering your message or email.


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